Achieve Ideal Humidity with Whole-House Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers in Minneapolis

If you’ve ever spent time outdoors on a hot, humid day, you understand how uncomfortable it was. The same thing can happen to your indoor air, with imbalanced humidity levels capable of affecting your health and well-being. If you’re experiencing too much humidity or too little, your sense of comfort won’t be complete until your moisture concerns are addressed. Thankfully, you have effective indoor air quality solutions at your disposal.

Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers are strong enough to pump moisture into or draw out moisture from your home’s indoor air to maintain optimal levels of 30-60%. HomeSmart provides both humidifier installation and dehumidifier installation in Minneapolis so it’s easy to secure high-quality service and equipment that can reach a more comprehensive sense of comfort. Ask about a free quote for humidity control equipment installation by reaching out to us at 866-837-9762 today.

How Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Function

It can be difficult to maintain comfortable humidity levels if the local climate is particularly humid or arid. In addition, heating and cooling cycles can also influence how much humidity is floating around. Whole-house humidity control equipment reverses the impact of these outside forces. The design of humidifiers and dehumidifiers are somewhat similar, with the key distinction being where the moisture is going.

When using humidifiers, water evaporates via warm air prior to entering the HVAC system. Dehumidifiers function in reverse, cooling moist air until it condenses into water. Both humidifiers and dehumidifiers are placed against the HVAC system’s ductwork so that it evenly distributes moisture across your home or commercial property. It also includes a plumbing connection so that it can quickly access water or drainage.

Whole-house humidifiers are usually hooked up to the property’s water lines for a constant supply of water it can use as humidity. Some designs make use of the furnace’s blower motor while others use their own fan system for evaporation.

A dehumidifier will instead feature a condensate drainage system to see to it that condensed moisture is fully expelled. It might be sent to a reservoir tank or flow straight into your sump pump or sewer line. In case it’s moisture is stored in a tank, it has to be routinely emptied.

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What Are Some Benefits of a Humidifier/Dehumidifier?

Based on what kind of humidity control system you need, a reputable whole-house system can share many different benefits to your health and well-being, like:


  • Prevents belongings from drying out: Introducing moisture into dry air benefits everything indoors, not just yourself. For example, it helps prevent wood furniture, cabinetry and flooring from drying out, which often leads to splitting or cracking.
  • Relieves allergy symptoms and skin irritation: Low humidity can exacerbate coughing and sneezing in addition to rashes and similar skin allergies. Humidifiers offer natural relief to those struggling with skin or sinus issues.
  • Lessens risk of some illnesses: Adequate humidity levels can help keep people healthier by keeping their sinuses from drying out. Dry, inflamed sinuses aren’t as effective at keeping illness-causing bacteria and viruses away.


  • Eliminates conditions for mold/mildew spread: Hot, humid air is an ideal environment for a number of microorganisms or pests. Installing a whole-house dehumidifier will discourage mold, mildew and dust mites from growing in the hidden corners of the property. For added support eliminating microbes, try a UV Germicidal light.
  • Inhibits wood rot and water damage: Humid air can ruin an assortment of materials indoors, such as wood furniture and flooring as well as paint. They may warp or rot from the inside because of excessive moisture.
  • Minimizes musty odors: Once mold and rot take hold indoors, they can produce bad odors that are difficult to eradicate. Proper humidity keeps your indoor air smelling clean and fresh.
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Keep Humidity Levels in Balance with Help from HomeSmart

Hoping to make your HVAC system more effective and efficient while also addressing humid/dry air issues? HomeSmart can offer our support with an outstanding number of humidifiers and dehumidifiers! With a team of expert installers in Minneapolis, we make it easy to enjoy healthier, balanced air indoors.

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